Ellen Brodsky - eLearning Specialist

The future of eLearning

Imagine a future...

... where anyone in the world with high-speed Internet access can receive detailed, targeted, accurate instruction in any topic—while sitting at home in their PJs or without ever leaving their office.

... where students and trainees can speed and solidify the learning process with powerful online modules that prepare them for what they will learn in class.

… where learners make profound changes in their behavior, are confident that they can perform as expected, and their performance meets or exceeds the standards you set.

You can stop imagining. The future is here.

My name is Ellen Brodsky. I’m an eLearning specialist, and my team and I want to enhance your training effectiveness while saving you money. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of eLearning while relying on Criterion Referenced Instruction to assure that everyone who passes the final exam can truly perform to your own high standards.

Use today’s technology to get more value for your courseware development dollar!

Take advantage of our eLearning instructional design and production skills to help you:

  • Improve your current online courseware
  • Convert your current in-person courses to eLearning or blended learning (a combination of in-person and eLearning)
  • Create new eLearning courses
  • Learn how to build effective eLearning courses yourself

We deliver all this and more while insisting on the highest standards of eLearning quality and personalized customer care. We incorporate the latest research on how people learn to ensure that you get the most effective training tools possible. When you engage our services, you’re gaining more than an eLearning designer—you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your company’s success.

So whether you’re a business eager to increase productivity and save money, an author or professional presenter who wants to add an eLearning component to your offerings, or an eLearning development firm in need of expert assistance—explore this site to learn more, then contact us and step into the future!